Painting to Music

Music is emotive. Possibly more than any other art form. It has distanced friends and possible partners.

I was physically attacked in the auditorium of the London Coliseum Theatre at the opening of Monteverdi’s opera ‘The Coronation of Poppea’ which I had designed, by an extremely elderly lady. The stage visuals obviously did not complement the […]

The Art of Arts

‘Grammar provides painting with its concordances, dialectics its consequences, rhetoric it’s persuasiveness, poetry it’s inventiveness, public speaking its energy, arithmetic it’s numbers, music it’s consonances, symmetry it’s measures, architecture it’s proportions,sculpture it’s forms, perspective and optics its enlargements and reductions, and finally astronomy and astrology it’s signs for recognising the constellations; who, then, can doubt […]

Angel, Shadow of God, Revealer of truth.

Angel:  Shadow of God – Messenger – Revealer of truth.
‘ angel’ from the Greek word ‘angelos’- which means messenger.

‘For beauty is only a seed of dread to be endured yet adored, since it disdains to destroy us.
An Angel , alone, is misted in dread.’(Rainer Maria Rilke).

My first real encounter with the power of an Angel […]

Exhibition at the North Light Gallery

When Natalia Dolgova and Peter Whiteman first met less than 12 months ago, there was an immediate bond between them. They both say that they felt an immediate affinity and a desire to work together. As a witness to that meeting, I saw artistic sparks fly – whilst they have a common love of painting […]