boat on the River Nile 4

In 2009 Peter was commissioned to design and carry out a mural for a private client who specified that he wished for his boat on the River Nile to be painted on the wall above his swimming pool at his home in the UK.

Peter was happy to do this as he had recently travelled to Egypt and had
immediately fallen in love with the landscape.
The client did not initially know this, but after Peter arrived with the scaled drawings, they both knew that Peter was the right man for the job.

The proportions of the mural were 8 metres in length by 1½ metres in height, the name of the client’s boat was ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’.
This is why there is a seagull painted on the mural, although it is commonly known that in fact, seagulls do not go anywhere near the Nile.

The Mural was carried out on canvas in a workshop which then had to be transported and fitted on site.
It was important that the painting was then completed to make it waterproof,
this was achieved by applying a specialised varnish.

The surrounding environment was then designed to compliment the mural including a 3D life size crocodile!